Metro Trains Melbourne’s Role in City-Shaping Projects

Committee for Melbourne, in collaboration with Metro Trains, are delighted to invite you to Meet the CEO of Metro Trains, Raymond O’Flaherty.

Metro not only operates and maintains the rail network but also helps to build it.

Hear from Metro Trains Melbourne’s CEO, Raymond O’Flaherty, and Projects Executive Director, Pete Gleeson, about the role Metro plays in Melbourne’s city-shaping projects including the rail operator’s role in the Metro Tunnel Project and Level Crossing removals.

Join them as they provide insight into topics and questions such as:

  • What will Melbourne look like in 5 and 10 years?
  • How does Metro Trains work with the State Government to deliver city-shaping projects?
  • What is Metro’s role in these projects?
  • How will we continue to bring people to and through the CBD?
  • What are the exciting rail projects soon to transform our network?

This forum will run from 11.00 am to 12.00 pm with an optional 20-minute e-networking session afterwards.

We encourage you to supply a question when registering, to be answered during the discussion and subsequent e-networking.

For general enquiries please contact the events team at

We look forward to hosting you.

Kind Regards,

Committee for Melbourne and Metro Trains

NOTE: Please be advised that this event may be recorded or photographs taken which may be used after the event on the Committee for Melbourne website or on other marketing materials. Please notify us if you do not consent to us recording or photographing you and using your image and likeness as mentioned.

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