Investing in a better future

Committee for Melbourne and Accenture hosted a roundtable discussion to consider what future we might create on our Road to Recovery. Accenture’s recent work with the Climate Council created a ‘Clean Jobs Plan’ that looks to a more sustainable future for Australia – this Plan will anchor the round table and provoke discussion on the topic of economic initiatives that can support the tactical recovery of the Melbourne economy, but with a keen focus on the strategic implications of different investment pathways.

Amit Singh and Toby Brennan from Accenture were joined by Erin Coldham from Star of the South, Australia’s first offshore wind project, and James Newton from TOMRA, a global leader in circular economy systems to discuss the practical experience of these types of transformative investments. Data insights on how the economy in Melbourne has changed through the pandemic, and how we can use these types of insights to better monitor the health of the economy was also shared amongst the attendees.


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