Great gas conundrum: How Victoria can transition from natural gas

This event was held on Wednesday, 8 September 2021.

Natural gas has been a critical energy source in Victoria for decades. It is used in power generation, manufacturing, as well as household and business applications. It also generates significant export earnings for the state.

But the energy landscape is changing. Driven by its target of net zero emissions by 2050, the Victorian Government is exploring sustainable pathways for decarbonising natural gas in Victoria.

This undertaking will not be simple or straightforward. Maintaining energy affordability, security, reliability and safety, while making the energy transition in a fragmented policy environment, will present significant challenges to be managed and overcome.

Committee for Melbourne was pleased to convene this forum to explore how Victoria can transition from natural gas to clean energy sources. We were joined by our panel of experts :

  • Richard Bolt | Principal, Nous Group
  • Elissa McNamara | Project Director – Advice on gas infrastructure, Infrastructure Victoria
  • Tony Wood | Energy and Climate Change Program Director, Grattan Institute

From the panel (downloads): 

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