FUTURE OF SPORT: Building New Business Models for Engaged Community Sport – Post COVID-19

Melbourne has a proud history of being the “sports capital” of the world. There is no better example of this sport involvement, and participation, then at community level. Community sporting clubs and associations provide a critical focal point for local residents to come together in a safe and inclusive environment to have fun, form strong social bonds whilst improving the health and wellbeing of those participants.

In order for the community sport ecosystem to prosper and thrive in the recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic, LGAs and community sport need to adapt and pivot to change the business models and mindset for progression.

For community sport to be played, a wide range of capital-intensive facilities are required, planned for and provided by local and state governments. This involves a wide range of professional services including planning, design, engineering, maintenance and building services. In this ecosystem new connections and collaborations need to be made, in order to build community sport business models which are robust and fail-proof for future disruptive shocks whilst improve funding efficiencies as bidding for capital costs becomes more intense.
Join our expert panel for a discussion, share knowledge and bring thought leadership to a critical area amidst the pandemic and returning to a new way we operate.

Guest Speakers 

From the panel:

Victoria University, Volunteers in Sport paper
Herald Sun article, Volunteers are vital, Wednesday 11 November

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