Facing up to Australia’s Skills Challenge

Driven by disruptive technological advancements and global forces, Australia’s society and economy is changing in myriad ways. With change the new constant, Australian governments and firms require individuals with greater knowledge of the world around them and specific skills to respond and adapt.

Australia’s education system has a decisive role to play in meeting this challenge. Designed to provide knowledge, as well as the tools to earn a living, education enables individuals and society to respond effectively to shifting demands.

However, the education system must adapt in ways which ensure it continues to provide students and workers with knowledge and competencies that are beneficial and relevant to themselves, to society and the economy. This may require new ways of teaching and measuring performance, and consideration of the system’s structure itself.

Guest Speakers:

  • Derek Scott | Principal and CEO, Haileybury
  • Mish Eastman | Pro Vice-Chancellor Vocational Education, RMIT
  • Sally Kincaid | Chief People and Culture Officer, NBN Co Australia
  • Professor Corinne Reid | Provost and Deputy Vice-Chancellor Research, Victoria University

Our expert panel discusses the responsiveness of Australia’s education system to shifting skill demand, the importance of recognising new skill-sets including digital literacy and of creating an environment conducive to lifelong learning.

From the panel:

Watch the event here

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