Cyber Security in 2022 – Keeping you safe

Cyber security has been in the news lately and is at the forefront of organisation’s concerns. It is imperative that both company assets and employee’s data are protected.

At our ‘Cyber Security in 2022 – Keeping you safe’ event on Tuesday 8 November 2022, we discussed this timely issue with expert panellists Eden Winokur, Partner & Head of Security, Hall & Wilcox; Clare Gleghorn, Managing Director Bastion Reputation; Nik Devidas, Managing Director, Rock IT; and Darren Mills, General Manager, Network Management, nbn Australia.

The panel, moderated by the Committee’s Director Policy & Advocacy Leanne Edwards, dove into the current cyber security environment, what steps to implement to ensure higher security at your organisation, and what to watch out for in the future.

Thank you to Sumith Perera – Chief Operating Officer, Hall & Wilcox for welcoming our attendees and to all panellists for the informative discussion.

Key take-aways from the event to consider using at your organisation:

1. Implement multi-factor authentication and password managers.
2. Build a data catalogue using four steps: catalogue sensitive data, consolidate where you store it and remove duplication, contain it by restricting access, and clean data you no longer need.
3. Continue training staff on best practices.
4. Have an incident response plan ready.

Committee for Melbourne released its Benchmarking Melbourne report in February 2022, which ranked Melbourne’s overall performance against 19 global peer cities.

Whilst Melbourne’s relative performance in technology and efficiency showed that its citizens are quite good adopters of technology, there is much more to be done in terms of government and public services and overall citizen participation.

Thank you to our event partners Hall & Wilcox and NBN Co.

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