A Roadmap for Hydrogen’s Future

Recently there has been a considerable amount of work undertaken (both globally and domestically) seeking to quantify the economic opportunities associated with hydrogen. The National Hydrogen Roadmap takes that analysis a step further by focusing on how those opportunities can be realised and the speakers will discuss how this blueprint for the development of a hydrogen industry in Australia can and is being enacted within Australia.

With a number of activities already underway, this is an opportunity to hear from CSIRO and partners to explore the opportunities that industry, universities and government have to collaborate and improve the ecosystem together so that the industry can continue to scale in a coordinated manner.

We will be hearing from three speakers who will talk about the economic opportunities associated with hydrogen and the role R&D plays in this emerging industry:

  • Dr Daniel Roberts | Leader, Hydrogen Energy Systems Future Science Platform, CSIRO Energy
  • Audrey Zibelman | Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, Australian Energy Market Operator
  • Richard Bolt | Principal, Nous

The panel will take questions from the virtual audience and will be followed by a special Committee for Melbourne virtual networking session.

Watch the event here

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