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High cost of living – of which housing costs are a major determinant – has a detrimental effect on a city’s creativity and innovative capacity; expensive cities make self-employment and entrepreneurship more difficult. In addition, without affordable housing emergency and public services workers will be unable to live near their place of work.

Committee for Melbourne’s Housing Mix Taskforce has completed their first draft of an affordable housing report. The report focuses on a range of levers which should work simultaneous issue of affordable housing in Melbourne including, taxation, planning, finance, excess government land, build to rent and the private rental sector. We encourage members who are interested in contributing to the report to contact David Prior, Project and Policy officer, Committee for Melbourne.

On 4 December the Housing Mix Taskforce Steering Committee, led by Ms Jane Hodder, came together over breakfast to set their goals for the coming year. Knowledge gained from conversations with various academic and industry leaders was used to help shape the agenda of the meeting. After extensive debate, the Steering Committee has decided to focus on the multifaceted nature of the affordable housing issue in Greater Melbourne.

The team will particularly investigate the below topics in relation to affordable housing;

  • Tax structures
  • Finance
  • Planning (including affordable housing planning permit condition requirements and housing mix)
  • Build-to-Rent
  • Private rental sector (PRS)
  • Unlocking excess/underutilised government land
  • Transport


Should you have any expertise or interest in the above areas and wish to be involved in the Committee’s work in this area please get in touch with David Prior, Project and Research officer.

The Committee would like to thank the Steering Committee members for their work to date and thank them in advance for their contribution to the agenda in 2019.


On 30 August 2018, the Housing Mix Taskforce Steering Committee got off to a flying start with their first meeting. The Committee was comprised of a range of key stakeholders from Melbourne's housing scene. Discussions touched on vital topics surrounding the creation of afforbable housing and possible actions the Housing Mix Taskforce could take to address problems of housing composition in Melbourne. The Chair of the Committee, Ms Jane Hodder, will review material from the meeting then reconvene the Steering Committee to decide the next steps. Committee for Melbourne would like to thank all the participants of the Steering Committee and looks forward to working with the team to drive the housing agenda in Melbourne.

On 27 March 2018, JLL’s Regional Director, Research Strategy – Asia Pacific, Dr David Rees, kicked off our Housing Mix agenda with a fascinating Leading Thinker event on the potential for a Build-to-Rent sector in Australia, co-hosted by our Corporate members Charter Keck Cramer and Cbus Property. 

Build-to-Rent properties are retained by institutional investors as rental accommodation, and are common in the Netherlands, Switzerland, US, Japan and Finland.

The model offers on-site services such as bike storage, gyms, and parcel collection that individual landlords would struggle to provide, and greater security for tenants with long-term leases. Dr Rees outlined the changing conditions and attitudes in Australia that suggest that Build-to-Rent could well be a success story here.

The discussion showed there is growing interest in establishing a Build-to-Rent sector in Australia, and many agreed that whoever moves first on this issue will have an enormous advantage. Some challenges do exist, particularly around financing and taxation, but given the right policy environment, this is something that can happen quickly to help ease housing issues.

It is also a forward-thinking approach to housing, and one that responds to the needs of young Australians who have different ideas about home ownership.

 Please see JLL's most recent report below

Built-to-Rent residential: Australia's missing sector, JLL

L to R: Cbus Property CEO Adrian Pozzo; Charter Keck Cramer Chairman Scott Keck; Committee for Melbourne CEO Martine Letts; JLL Regional Director of Research Strategy David Rees



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