Competitive Internet Taskforce

Why a ‘Competitive internet Taskforce’?

Internet speed, coverage, capacity and security will profoundly affect cities’ ability to compete in international markets.

We need a better understanding of our current and future internet requirements in light of international competition. 

Competitive internet Taskforce coming in 2019

Committee for Melbourne, through its members participation in the Melbourne 4.0 report, recognised the importance of the rising digital economy. The internet will be integral to faciliate opportunities in the digital economy however Australia currently ranks 57th in the world for internet speeds. As such, our Competitive Internet Taskforce to come in 2019 will investigate the future internet needs of Melbourne and how the needs can be addressed.

We look forward to hearing from members interested in joining the Competitive Internet taskforce to help shape the agenda for appropriate digital infrastructure in Greater Melbourne.

How can you get involved?

As a member of the Committee for Melbourne, you can contribute your insights and your organisation's knowledge to the various taskforces that are addressing the Melbourne 4.0 Strategic Needs.

To register your interest to participate in our taskforces, please email our team. 

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