Media release – 06/03/14

Committee for Melbourne welcomes Dandenong Rail Investment

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Today the Premier announced a major transport investment for the Dandenong Rail Corridor.

Committee for Melbourne CEO Kate Roffey said “This is a major step forward in making much needed improvements in increasing the capacity of our rail network. Not only does this signal a commitment to getting on with the business of building a metropolitan rail system that meets the needs of a 21st Century Melbourne, this is also the first project to be approved under the Napthine Government’s new unsolicited proposals process.”

“It is great to see the Government delivering on a commitment to adopt private funding sources for this important transport infrastructure project. The Dandenong corridor project is set to be delivered in four years – clearly demonstrating the value and effectiveness of private sector groups such as the Rail Transformation Consortium, getting involved in accelerating our infrastructure delivery,” she said.

One of the keys to the success of this proposal is the break down of the project into six discreet packages of work. Not only does this allow for the build process to be streamlined, it also provides a strong boost for local infrastructure companies who will be invited to bid.

While there are obvious stand-alone benefits for the Pakenham and Cranbourne lines, this project is also a key enabling project for the Metro Tunnel project. The new signalling system will be the same as the tunnel and will allow up to 30 trains per hour eventually. The new next-gen trains used on the line will be capable of running through the tunnel and can be expanded to run as 9-car train sets. This project will help improve the key capacity elements of the tunnel project, and is a big step forward in transforming our rail system from a suburban hub-and-spoke model, to a world class, genuine metropolitan network.

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