Media release – 07/09/16

Committee for Melbourne reaching out to startups

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The Committee for Melbourne is taking a fresh look at business by reaching out to startups, one of the fastest growing segments to our economy.

To coincide with the launch of its MELBOURNE 4.0 taskforce, the Committee for Melbourne has invited all its knowledge sector members to bring their startup and innovation hubs on board.

“Our economy is changing faster than ever before as we enter what is being called the Fourth Industrial Revolution. It is crucial we all recognise the challenges and the opportunities that presents, and engage with Melbourne’s entrepreneurs and innovators to ensure we reach our full potential”, said Committee for Melbourne CEO, Martine Letts.

Australia already has around 25 tech startup accelerators, hubs and co-working spaces that support around 250 tech startups each year, including several university-based hubs.

Around two-thirds of Australia’s startup activity, however, takes place in just one city: Sydney.

The Committee for Melbourne wants to turn that around by working with our universities to connect Melbourne’s leading businesses with our emerging startup community.

A recent study found that high-growth technology companies could contribute over $100 billion to the nation’s income, and more than half a million jobs by 2033.

The Committee for Melbourne wants to ensure Melbourne attracts and cultivates our fair share of that growth and those jobs.

This week the Committee for Melbourne has written to university vice chancellors inviting their accelerator hubs to become members.

Acknowledging the nature of startups, the Committee for Melbourne has offered complimentary two year memberships to startups connected to our universities.

“We want to see Melbourne become the startup capital of Australia”, noted Ms Letts.


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