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Member lunch with The Treasurer

Earlier this month, Victorian Treasurer Tim Pallas joined Committee for Melbourne members over lunch at EY to discuss the Victorian Budget, key issues of interest around the Victorian economy and the government’s agenda. While noting that his second budget was a very different exercise than his first, the Treasurer highlighted the three guiding principles underpinning it – bolstering the state’s financial position, delivering significant and sustained investment in our infrastructure and investing in people –before talking to some of its key items. In a very frank and open discussion, the Treasurer who emphasised the need for the government to be a prudent financial manager, indicated he has a strong interest in starting to think more creatively and long-term about the projects the community needs the state to invest in, shedding our obsession against privatising assets and using the fact that we have a AAA rating to our advantage when it comes to infrastructure funding. 

Fishermans Bend urban renewal

The Fishermans Bend Recast Vision, prepared by the Fishermans Bend Taskforce, has been released and is open for public feedback by Friday 1 July 2016. The Committee for Melbourne will be conducting a workshop on 24 June to provide the opportunity for members to contribute ideas and recommendations in the Committee’s submission. Fishermans Bend is Australia’s largest urban renewal project covering approximately 455 hectares in the heart of Melbourne offering a city-shaping opportunity of international significance. It will consist of five precincts across two municipalities – the City of Melbourne and the City of Port Phillip – and connect Melbourne's CBD to the bay. It is expected that by 2050, it will be home to approximately 80,000 residents and provide employment for up to 60,000 people.

Resilient Melbourne launched

The Lord Mayor of Melbourne, Robert Doyle, hosted the launch of Melbourne’s first resilience strategy on 1 June 2016. The Committee was one of the 230 organisations which contributed to this strategy along with Melbourne’s local councils and many Victorian Government departments. A range of actions have been outlined in Resilient Melbourne to empower communities to make our city a better place for future generations to live in, and  whose services and advantages can be enjoyed by all of its citizens. The strategy offers a fresh way of dealing with the chronic stresses and acute shocks that are possible in today’s world. The strategy has four main actions: ADAPT – by reducing our exposure to future shocks and stresses; SURVIVE – by withstanding disruptions and bouncing back better than before; THRIVE – by significantly improving people’s quality of life; and EMBED – by building resilience thinking into our institutions and ways of working.

MPA to become VPA

In order to prepare the Metropolitan Planning Authority (MPA) for its transition towards the Victorian Planning Authority (VPA), the organisation, which has recently become a Committee for Melbourne member, has been updated to recognise three key work areas Urban Renewal, Greenfield and Regional Programs. These changes reflect the organisation's realignment and prioritisation of urban renewal, regional projects and strategic development sites, while continuing its greenfields program, as well as its desire to be stronger in its consultative process. The VPA will be streamlining planning application procedures across the state and will partner with councils in key precincts identified for future growth to unlock supply and ensure applications are processed in a timely fashion. The VPA will work closely with regional councils and authorities, including the Geelong Planning Authority.

Welcome to our new members

We would like to welcome our new members to the Committee for Melbourne:
Outdoor Media Association - Not-for-profit member
Metropolitan Planning Authority - Corporate member
Australian Ballet - Not-for-profit member
Adshel - Corporate member
We would also like to welcome back Corporate member Woods Bagot.

It is the expertise of our membership which informs our policy positions and we look forward to working with you to shape a better future for Melbourne

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