Committee Communiqué

From the CEO

Welcome to our last edition of Communique for 2018.

2018 was a huge year for Melbourne: Our population hit 5 million, well ahead of predictions, and we lost our “World’s Most Liveable City” mantle, even though our overall rating increased.  This prompted the Committee to call for a “One Melbourne paradigm” to manage the challenges that Melbourne’s accelerated growth presents for our city’s liveability and equity.  

As a dedicated Communique reader, you will know that 2018 was also a busy year for the Committee as we engaged with our 150 members via 75 events, our numerous Melbourne 4.0 taskforces, our ongoing Not for Profit, Arts and Culture and Transport Taskforces as well as our unique Melbourne leadership program, the Future Focus Group. 

We were pleased to record some advocacy success, notably real progress on the construction of an Airport Link and the establishment of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on AI, only the second jurisdiction in the world to do so. 

Our Secretariat continues to grow and we will have a much-strengthened Engagement Team in 2019 to work even more closely with your members and stakeholders to deliver on our ambition to shape Melbourne’s future.

I want to thank every one of our members and presenting partners for their contributions and support in 2018.  A very special thanks to the Committee’s Board and our small, dedicated Secretariat for their hard work, and their utter commitment to this great city’s success for all who live and work here. 


From all of us here at the Committee, we wish you all a great Christmas and New Year’s break.

See you in 2019!

CfM-RMIT Redback Innovation Challenge: Co-creating solutions to real world problems
On 12 December, Committee for Melbourne members and RMIT University's international post-graduate students applied design thinking to find ways of making Melbourne's entrepreneurial and innovation ecosystem accessible to talented people experiencing disadvantage.
The Redback Innovation Challenge sparked some great ideas, such as a mentorship program by migrants, for migrants and a program of migrant investment in migrant ventures.  It was fantastic to tap into the minds and experiences of the international post graduates and the Committee for Melbourne membership. It was also a good example of how design thinking innovation challenges help industry and researchers co-create solutions to real world problems.   


Congratulations to the Redback Innovation Challenge team for another successful collaboration between Committee for Melbourne and RMIT.  

Special thanks go to our members MCEC and our partners at the Australian National Exhibitions for providing prizes for the participants in the challenge.

Happy reading!

2019 Annual Dinner

Annual Dinner Update
Wednesday 22 May, 2019, 6:30pm 
Goldfields Room, Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre

We invite our members to join us in one of Melbourne’s newest venues to celebrate our vision of shaping a big future for our beloved city. This year’s theme is ‘Think Big’ and we will shall celebrate those whose bold ideas and visions for Melbourne laid the foundations for the wonderful city we have today.


For advance table and ticket bookings, please RSVP 
For sponsorship opportunities, to host a VIP table and information regarding our Not for Profit profiling strategy please contact us or call us on 03 9667 8141

Wear for success

In late November, our Director of Engagement Clive Dwyer presented a Committee for Melbourne update at the Christmas Wear for Success Christmas function. It was fitting that the Tesla showroom in Cremorne was the host venue as we discussed the pace of change our society is experiencing and the significant pressures on those in the community trying to find work in this era of technological disruption. 

Wear for Success has assisted over 6,000 unemployed people across Melbourne, Geelong and regionally. It provides those in need with free work-appropriate attire, individual styling sessions and professional career/job-search coaching. Arriving as individuals experiencing hardship or disadvantage, they leave with the self-belief to realise their potential. As we head to Christmas it is important to reflect on those who are unemployed and lacking the appropriate clothing for interviews; fostering the self-doubt and barriers to success.

If their mission resonates with you or your organisation, you can make a difference via financial or clothing donations to keep the service running; corporate partnerships, providing in-kind support/expertise or volunteering; or participating in regular fashion sales, trivia nights, fundraising activities.

For further information, please contact: Lisa Roberts OR info@wearforsuccess.org.au

Find more information about the Committees Not for Profit taskforce activities or contact us. 

Arts & Culture Taskforce

Since 2016, the Committee has been working with our members to develop initiatives aimed at enhancing Melbourne's position as a recognised destination for arts, culture and design.

Our fourth and final session of 2018 included presentations on:

  • Victorian Opera - our host for the day
  • A new series on arts and culture data-sharing across organisations to help customers
  • Artchain Global and Swinburne University’s joint venture to establish art provenance digitally

The Committee invited a number of people in the data industry to talk about the technical and legal aspects of data sharing across arts organisations in Melbourne.


This has inspired data sharing across arts and culture organisations in Melbourne to maximise visitation and economic benefits from Melbourne's visitor economy

For further information about the Arts and Culture taskforce please contact David Prior

Jacobs forum

Rapid growth of Melbourne’s population (a million people in the last ten years) has created new challenges for existing and future  transport systems. We must accommodate a growing and changing population, shifting demographics and an evolving economy while focusing on transport systems that are efficient and inclusive. 

This was the subject of a fascinating forum at Jacobs, focusing on how Melbourne can leverage emerging technologies to significantly improve people’s quality of life.

Stephen Rutherford, Jacobs’ UK-based Global Lead for Transportation Planning provided insight into the London case studies of how emerging technologies and travel data are being used to plan new infrastructure and ease congestion and how these could be applied in Melbourne. 

Resilient Melbourne facilitated a panel discussion with Committee for Melbourne members Jeroen Weimar, CEO Public Transport Victoria (PTV) and Dr Crystal Legacy, Melbourne School of Design, University of Melbourne. The lively discussion highlighted a need for greater integration of urban planning, strategic densification and transport planning that recognises the immediate and long term needs of our City.

If you would like to be kept in the loop for our Transport Taskforce, please contact the Committee for Melbourne

Melbourne 4.0 Taskforces update

Housing Mix Taskforce project scope agreed
The Housing Mix Taskforce Steering Committee, led by CfM Director Jane Hodder, will drill down into some key topics before mapping out how they can lead to affordable housing outcomes for Greater Melbourne.  These topics are: 

  • Tax structures
  • Finance
  • Planning (including affordable housing planning permit condition requirements and housing mix)
  • Build-to-Rent
  • Private rental sector (PRS)
  • Unlocking excess/underutilised government land
  • Transport
  • The Committee would like to thank the Steering Committee members for their work to date and thank them in advance for their contribution to the agenda in 2019.

Should you wish to be involved in any of the above 4.0 taskforces please contact
David Prior, Project and Policy officer.


InfraPlan Melbourne market intelligence

Australia’s Best City is a comprehensive online database that is delivered produced by CfM member Infraplan that compares Australia’s capital cities across 500+ indicators and ranks them according to their performance. 

With over 52,000 users and nearly 400,000-page hits, the Australia’s Best City website has garnered a significant database of its users. 


Points of interest from the Melbourne Market Intelligence Reports (Market Profile and City Report) include: 

  • Melbourne is the second most viewed city page on the Australia’s Best City database, accounting for 18 per cent of all city page views
  • India, USA and the UK are the top three international viewers of the Melbourne city page
  • Users of the Australia’s Best City platform who originate from Melbourne are most interested in Climate and Environment, followed by Cost of Living. 
  • Melbourne ranks as best in Australia in the categories of Entertainment and Arts, Sustainability and Sport, but ranks poorly for Cost of Living and Housing
  • Melbourne ranks well in comparison to Australian cities across the categories of Education, Health and the Economy 


Australia’s Best City also offer tailored data analysis or market investigations from its databases. 

For more information on Australia’s Best City or to enquire about available products or tailored data analysis, please email us at bestcity@ipdata.com.au or call +61 8 8227 0372

Welcome new members

We are thrilled to welcome our new corporate members AEMO and XM2 Industrial

AEMO is the independent grid and market operator, with the primary responsibility of managing and maintaining energy system security for all Australians. We are committed to leading the way in securing and shaping Australia’s energy future. Australia’s energy sector is rapidly changing, and AEMO recognises that it is more important than ever to collaborate with stakeholders to make the power system more secure, innovative, competitive, and efficient for consumers.

Combining our expertise with a broad range of stakeholders through the Committee for Melbourne enables AEMO to tap into the expertise afforded by the best and brightest in Melbourne, and provoke further dialogue on developing solutions to help manage the energy transformation. 

XM2 Industrial is a leader in enterprise remote sensing and data solutions at scale for the built asset and natural environments. It has created a unique enterprise-integration service that is enabling remotely sensed data to inform asset management processes and outcomes. 

With its focus on key target verticals including renewable energy, agriculture, bio-security, infrastructure and resources, XM2 Industrial helps ensure the sustainable utilisation and management of our natural and built assets.

The organisation’s ability to safely transfer technology into partner organisations by reducing technology, operational and safety risks inherent in emerging technologies is where it adds value. It does this by co-owning significant problems that its partners have and co-designing solutions that can be owned and managed internally to the partner’s organisation. 

What's on our radar

Chinese scientists on path to genetically modified babies – A team of scientist in Shenzhen have been widely criticised for recruiting couples to create the first gene-edited babies. Using a relatively new technique called CRISPR, they are planning to eliminate a gene called CCR5 in the hope of rendering the offspring resistant to HIV, smallpox, and cholera. CRISPR is a rapidly emerging biotechnology exemplifying the Fourth Industrial Revolution’s merging of the physical, digital and biological worlds, which has the potential to transform medicine by eliminating genetic diseases, however it also raises serious ethical questions for its potential in human enhancement, ‘designer’ babies and a new form of eugenics.

The good news is...

Santa is FaceTiming kids in hospital so he can surprise them from the 'North Pole'- Hospitalized children are getting a healthy dose of holiday cheer thanks to a sweet little initiative from Santa’s workshop.
This week, Nemours Children’s Health System is utilizing their telemedicine service, CareConnect, to allow hospitalized children to have a face-to-face conversation with Santa who will be speaking to them from the “North Pole.”
The children at Nemours hospitals in Orlando and Delaware and will be able to share their Christmas wishes and interact with Santa’s elves who will be helping manage the videoconference in person.
“Being hospitalized at this time of year can leave kids feeling left out of the holiday season. Santa’s virtual visits from the North Pole offer these kids a fun and special experience,” said Carey Officer, Operational Vice President of Nemours CareConnect and Center for Health Delivery Innovation.

Our vision for Melbourne:

Global city of choice for people and organisations, due to its distinct blend of prosperity, opportunity and liveability.