Committee Communiqué

Edition 15


From the CEO

Melbourne 4.0 identified 9 strategic needs for Melbourne to be a leading global city with a strong economy and world-class liveability into the future.   

In this edition you can read our recent submissions and activities on four of the Melbourne 4.0 strategic needs:  

  • Future Skills, with a submission to the Victorian government on sustainable employment for disadvantaged workers; 

  • Metropolitan Collaboration, with a submission to the Local Government Reform Bill of 2019; 

  • Affordable Housing, with a submission to the Red Tape Commissioner’s review of processes for building and planning approvals in Greater Melbourne, and 

  • Digital Capability, with our AI Taskforce workshop on the role of AI for Melbourne’s future on 27 August. 

A reminder that you can play a role in shaping our submission to the Committee’s Melbourne Report on AI to industry, government and community by participating in our AI Taskforce Workshop on 27 August at the Digital AI Summit at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre.  Full registration details are set out below. 

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Meet the Minister | The Hon Alan Tudge MP

With Melbourne now one of the fastest-growing cities in the world, a business-as-usual approach to our city’s growth and development will no longer suffice.  With Australia’s cities driving the economy, the Federal Government intends to have a greater impact on their planning and growth.  

These were some of the key messages from the Hon Alan Tudge, Minister for Population, Cities and Urban Infrastructure, hosted by our Foundation member Deakin University last week. Minister Tudge shared with our members the more proactive role the federal government wants to take in Melbourne’s development, including via City Deals in Melbourne’s north-west. 

City Deals are characterised by a partnership between three levels of government and the community, and Minister Tudge said that this model had generated promising results in other parts of the country.  Now it was Melbourne’s turn.  The proposed north-west deal will leverage the government’s infrastructure commitments, including the Melbourne Airport Rail Link, and fast rail to Geelong. The proposed south-east still requires consensus on a development plan.  

Minister Tudge spoke about the importance of Melbourne’s satellite cities, and the opportunities to unlock further potential through the construction of fast rail. 

Read the Committee’s views on population growth and infrastructure here.  


Future Skills

The Committee continues to be a prominent advocate for the evolution of skills training and development.  We recently made a submission to the Victorian Government’s inquiry into sustainable employment for disadvantaged workers where we focus on the need to nurture peoples’ soft skills and recommends the development of micro-credential qualifications that are recognised by the Government and industry.

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Metropolitan Collaboration | Local Government Submission

Our ‘Metropolitan Collaboration’ Taskforce has been discussing how to build a resilient, economically competitive city through developing better metropolitan governance arrangements that can confront the challenges, and capture the opportunities the 21st century will bring. Legislation has the potential to offer frameworks and increase opportunities for Local Governments to collaborate on a Metropolitan-wide scale.

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Planning and Building Approvals Process Review

Can Victoria’s planning and approval processes be streamlined to improve efficiency and reduce delays?  The Committee thinks so, and sees a direct link between these processes and housing pipelines and affordability.  

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Last chance to register for the Digital AI Summit

The Committee for Melbourne has expanded the AI Taskforce Workshop to ensure input from our members ahead of issuing its Melbourne Report on AI to industry, Government and community in the coming months. To join the conversation, please contact Tilley Byrne

The full Digital AI Summit agenda can be viewed here, which includes International Leading Thinkers Dr Mariaroasaria Taddeo and Mr Roger Taylor from Oxford University as well as a Committee for Melbourne Panel and Cocktail Reception, kindly sponsored by Lime and the British Consul General.  We encourage you to get involved


Leading Thinker | Melbourne adapting to the Agile Workplace


Agile workplaces are about fostering a flexible and productive environment. A panel hosted by Grant Thornton on 3 September with leading experts from HASSELL will show you how.   

On Tuesday 3 September, we will hear from Dr Agustin Chevez and Mark Bray, both from our member HASSELL, followed by a panel session with members on how leading Melbourne companies are taking on the ‘Agile Workplace’. 

HASSELL’s research team has been carrying out longitudinal primary research on companies which has enabled them to see how businesses perform in their physical space through understanding the fundamental business enterprise pillars of people, space and technology, giving them an ‘x-ray’ of these businesses and a better understanding of Agile workplaces. Their presentation will explore these results and the benefits and challenges of agile workplaces.  

They will be joined by two more Committee member organisation panellists Ian Hermann, COO, Grant Thornton and Cameron McIntosh, ROLE, Arup 

If you wish to register for this event please click here

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Pitcher Partners Property Breakfast

On Thursday 22 August Pitcher Partners held its annual property breakfast which focused on the outlook of the property market in Greater Melbourne with keynotes from Charter Keck Cramer and Pitcher Partners.  Our CEO Martine Letts and PCA Victorian Executive Director Cressida Wall joined them on a panel to discuss Melbourne’s property future. Glenn Lampard of Charter Keck Cramer’s keynote address which focussed on the outlook of the property market from 2020 – 2021. He noted with that with current projections Greater Melbourne will need 47,000 more residential dwellings per year. Concerningly there are only 7,000 apartments in the pipeline in 2021. Glenn also noted that car parks take up more space in Melbourne than retail, so with rise of technologies, such as autonomous vehicles, we should be thinking about opportunities to reclaim this space for other purposes. 

Pitcher Partners’ Sudha Viswanathan offered insights into the value of data and analytics as a means of gaining a competitive advantage in the property sector, particularly highlighting settlement risk as a key opportunity. 

In the panel which followed Cressida Wal addressed the industry’s challenges, focusing strongly on red tape in planning’s role in delaying housing stock and the need for sensible densification. Martine Letts discussed how build-to-rent as a new asset class could provide more housing choices, including more social and affordable housing but only with support from government.  There was an opportunity for Victoria to lead the way in opening the Melbourne and Victorian housing market to institutional investments to build this promising new class of housing.  In addition, the need for greater sensible density was a key talking point for the panel. These two considerations could help Melbourne manage population growth pressures and support our sustainability and future liveability.  


New Member | Struber

Helping you ENGAGE stakeholders, communities, teams, industry and influencers through the planning, positioning, tendering and delivery phases of major projects is what we do best.  

As experienced, professional and qualified communicators, Struber knows fast work and innovative tools are key to help you positively influence, inform, educate, facilitate, change and mobilise your most important stakeholders. 


Member News 

Haileybury Wins National Education Awards  

Congratulations to Haileybury, who have once again been endorsed as one of Australia’s best schools.

On Friday 16 August, at the Australian Education Awards 2019, Haileybury’s vision and programs were rewarded with four awards.

  • Australian School Principal of the Year
  • Department Head of the Year
  • Best Professional Learning Program.
  • School Principal of the Year – Non-government

Haileybury’s mission is to develop high-achieving students who are connected globally, to each other and to the communities in which they live and which they will serve.


TransportCamp | Go Get 

To understand and solve the challenging issues facing Melbourne's transport network, we need a new and innovative approach-starting with a new and innovative approach to sharing information and exploring new ideas. If Melbourne's Transport is your passion, then Melbourne's TransportCamp is definitely your event.  

Transport Camp is not a traditional conference. It is a highly energetic way of sharing ideas. At 9 am, attendees suggest various session topics and activities. Attendees then vote for the sessions they most want to attend or participate in. By 9:30 am the conference agenda is set - generated entirely by you and the other attendees.  

TransportCamp enables every attendee to be a participant in shaping and leading the event. Themes include best practices and technical challenges, creative approaches to addressing transportation issues and a few of the old chestnuts like technology, integration, planning and service quality. 

With the city's population booming and the boundary expanding, our mobility demands are changing. How we manage the transforming metropolitan system and interactions will have a direct impact on the city’s economic strength, environmental sustainability and social equity. This low-cost event brings together 150 transport professionals, researchers and citizens interested in transport, technology and innovation.  

The City of Melbourne, CrowdSpot and Movement and Place Consulting are again working together to organise Melbourne’s 2019 TransportCamp at The Melbourne Town Hall on Friday 4th October.   


Trophy Presentations

News Corp 


Congratulations to one of our longest-standing members, News Corp (Herald Sun)who were presented with a Committee for Melbourne member trophy last week. Managing Director, Peter Zavecz, accepted the award for their 26-year membership of the Committee.  The Herald Sun is a multi-platform news brand reaching close to 3.2 million Victorians each month across print and digital.  




The Committee was proud to present Foundation member Transurban with a member trophy, commemorating a 17-year commitment to helping shape Melbourne’s future.  

At the heart of Transurban’s business strategy is the desire to be a ‘partner of choice’ for government clients and an organisation that meets the needs of its customers. Transurban offers smart management of existing road networks, through active involvement in the transport policy debate, and by applying unique skills to the infrastructure challenges in its markets.

Our vision for Melbourne:

Global city of choice for people and organisations, due to its distinct blend of prosperity, opportunity and liveability.