Red Tape

Delays in the planning and building approval process cost the construction sector $400 - $600 million a year or approximately $7.6 million per high rise development. The Red Tape commissioner has been tasked with reviewing the process to find possible efficiencies to reduce delays and development costs. As explored in the Committee’s submission, this could potentially have a positive effect on housing affordability, in which incentives could be explored in the planning system to facilitate provision of further social and affordable housing. 

As part of the review process, the Red Tape Commissioner has just released a discussion paper, based on initial submissions, to gather feedback on the suggested reforms focused four areas: strategic approval process; permit approval process; post-permit approval process and building approvals phase. Each area has specific recommended action points to help streamline the overall planning and building permit system. 

The Committee will be submitting feedback to the discussion paper which is due by 15 November. If you would like to contribute to the Committee’s response or be involved in the Housing Mix Taskforce, please contact David Prior 
You can find our initial submission here and the Red Tape Commissioner’s discussion paper here.