Blockchain | Beyond the Hype

On Thursday 5 of September at ShineWing, the Committee for Melbourne partnered with Asialink Business to hear industry experts address key regional trends impacting blockchain in Asia. 

Asia’s blockchain industry has seen a surge in investment and rapid development in recent years but investing wisely presents unique challenges that companies must individually assess in terms of their specific context and market position. Keynote speaker, Giulio Romanelli, Partner at Committee for Melbourne member organisation McKinsey and Company, presented on the report he co-authored ‘Blockchain beyond the hype: What is the strategic business value?’ which highlights the strategic value of blockchain for businesses and outlines the structured approach companies can take when introducing a blockchain strategy. 

Panellists Dee Kulkarni, CTO, Reputationaire and Cameron Macqueen, COO, ArtChain addressed the following: 

- Which Asian markets are leading and actively promoting the use of blockchain? 

- What is the role of blockchain in start-ups? 

- What are the key regulatory challenges for markets in the region? 

- What other factors are critical when assessing whether to invest in blockchain in Asia? 

The Committee was grateful for the hospitality extended to us by ShineWing. 

The report is available via this link; Blockchain Beyond the Hype