Ideating Agile Workplaces

Agile workplaces are about fostering a flexible and productive environment and this was showcased at a recent CfM forum held at Grant Thornton in their stunning new offices that exemplify Agile best practice. 

Leading experts from Committee for Melbourne memberorganisationHASSELL, Dr. Agustin Chevez and Mark Bray presented their findings. The team at HASSELL conducted longitudinal primary research on companies which allowed them to see how businesses perform in their physical space, through understanding the fundamental business enterprise pillars of people, space and technology. This gave the research team an ‘x-ray’ perspective of the businesses and a better understanding of Agile workplaces. Their presentation explored these results and the benefits/challenges of agile workplaces.This insightful presentation was followed by a panel session to open the conversation about how leading Melbourne companies are taking on the ‘Agile Workplace’.  

We would again like to extend our thanks to our Members for their contribution, in particular; 

Our keynotes 

  • Dr. Agustin Chevez, Senior Researcher at HASSELL 
  • Mark Bray, Head of Knowledge and Strategy at HASSELL 

Our Moderator 

  • Pr. Jane Burry, Dean of the School of Design at Swinburne 

Our Panelists 

  • Ian Herman, COO of Grant Thornton 
  • Cameron McIntosh, Workplace Leader from Arup 

Thank you to Grant Thornton for generously hosting this event. Should you wish to find out more about the longitudinal study conducted by HASSELL, please contact: Dr. Agustin Chevez or Mark Bray