New ways to get around the city

In February, RACV launched a journey planning app to provide personalised transport options to Victorians. "Arevo" integrates Melbourne’s train, tram and bus systems, myki top-up, parking, bike and car share options and Uber to help save time, money and hassle. Developed as part of the Mobility as a Service (MaaS) model, Arevo is designed to revolutionise the way Melburnians travel by maximising the range of mobility choices. Instead of many different commuter apps that do not communicate with each other, Arevo provides a convenient way to plan, pay for and access a range of transport options. 

The platform gives people better information about the transport choices available and the benefits and costs of transport decisions, with it outlining the price, the CO2 emissions and the length of time of each option. This is fundamental to the idea of enabling smarter behaviour, with RACV aspiring to achieve higher all-day public transport use and promote active transport, such as walking or cycling as alternatives to driving. Arevo also addresses the ‘seams’ in travel experiences. These include poor integration between modes, like being stuck on a platform with no notice of a cancelled service, not being able to top-up myki cards due to long queues or needing to log in to various provider apps to complete a journey.  

Ironing out these seams is getting more important as Melbourne is expected to grow to 8 million people by 2050. In a city of this scale, smart transport behaviour and the efficient use of our roads and rail networks is critical. This is where a platform like Arevo can help make your journey easier and more efficient.